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vet charity challenge logo smallThe Vet Charity Challenge takes place on the 15th of September 2012, it is a multi-discipline event combining physical tasks with puzzle solving challenges. The physical aspect involves running (walking), mountain biking and kayaking...the challenge blurb reads; "Fitness, strategy, orienteering, problem-solving... we challenge you to find your inner Bear Grylls" On this basis The Complete Animal was reborn and the challenge accepted.

Our team consists of vets, Andrew Prentis and Timothy Hopkins, a veterinary nurse, Annie Mackinnon and practice manager, Leah Morley.

Andrew is the face of the Hyde Park Veterinary Centre, Sunday Times columnist and more importantly a keen cyclist (well, he rides to work across London - obviously he will be good with a mountain bike).


Timothy is a new addition to the clinic and an even newer addition to the challenge after one of the original members professed to remember he had a wedding the weekend of the challenge (likely story!). Tim works at the zoo, loves exotics and doesn't claim to do any physical exercise in his spare time.

Annie is Hyde Park's head veterinary nurse. Quite partial to yoga but very impartial to tomatoes, Annie has also started riding to work in preparation of the challenge. However, it was really her orienteering skills which we have recruited her for. Annie has been a Brownie and a Girl Guide, this may have been almost 20 years ago but we are hoping she hasn't forgotten the Girl Guide motto - 'Be Prepared'.

Last but not least, our veterinary nurse turned practice manager, Leah. When she's not at the clinic she's off playing injury inflicting sports (mainly rugby), hitting the gym or accepting crazy challenges...such as the Vet Charity Challenge. If there is to be one man left standing, it will be her!

If you would like more information on the challenge we have set about completing feel free to visit the Vet Charity page at Vet Charity Challenge

To make a donation to The Complete Animal team please visit our Virgin Money Giving page.

Please give generously (it may be the last challenge we ever get Andrew to agree to), all donations received will be going towards animal charities SPANA, Hounds for Heroes and the Pet Blood Bank (VCC Supported Charities)

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