The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas

(or what to do if you think your owner is trying to kill you)

words in red to be sung or hummed to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas

Throughout the twelve days of Christmas,
my true love
(that's the dog) reminded me

No cooked turkey drumsticks, (because they can splinter and cause internal damage, raw bones are fine by the way)

No holly berries (because just 20 berries can kill a large dog)

Antifreeze not for drinking (lovely and sweet but causes kidney failure)

No lily bunches (because they can kill the cat, also with kidney failure)

Macadamia nuts (100 grams can cause vomiting weakness & depression in a 5 kg dog)

Nasty pine tree needles(can cause an upset tummy and hurt if they get in paws)

Batteries for the kid's toys(cause chemical burns and heavy metal poisoning if eaten)

No mince pies,(or Christmas cake or pudding – the raisins can cause acute kidney failure)

No chocolate logs (contains theobromine which is cardiotoxic for dogs. Just 250gm of dark chocolate can kill a medium sized dog)

No salty roads(can make your feet sore)

Avoid icy ponds (cause it can break and then you drown)

And no glass baubles on your Christmas tree! (because they break and splinter and can cut your feet or tongue)


And by the way, if you think your dog is sick over the holiday period, you're probably better off calling your vet for advice rather than checking with Dr Google.

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