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Our practice manager recently returned from a rugby tour in Cape Town, where she got to play against the South African as part of the Nomads squad. We decided to ask her a few questions about her love of rugby and how it all started.

Q. You've come a long way in a short time - how did you start playing rugby and who do you play for now?

A. I've always had a passion for sport and before moving to the UK there was Aussie Rules. When I moved to London in 2002 I didn't think I would find a sport which could replace it, thankfully I was wrong. It was quite by accident that I started playing rugby union, but I haven't looked back. I joined London Welsh 7 years ago and made a move to Saracens 2 years ago.
During the summer I play 7s for the Moody Cows.

Q. What do you love about rugby - isn't it just cold, wet and painful?

A. It's all of those things and a lot more.
My love of rugby gets me through the winter. When other people are heading home on a cold night to hibernate, I'm on a tube heading to Cockfosters for training, knowing my team-mates will all be there to suffer with me, the pain is well worth the effort and the wet nights/days just make the landing softer.
I love the camaraderie within a rugby team, it's amazing. Being part of a great club is really like having another family. You win together and sometimes you lose together. Sharing the joys of a win with your team makes winning so much better and being able to share a loss helps. Although I'm not so good at dealing with losing!
Plus, with summer comes the rugby 7s tournaments, allowing rugby to be played all year round :-)

Q. Businesses have always like to employ sports players - do you think what you learn in rugby can help you in your work?

A. Absolutely, especially with any business that involves team work.
At the start of a season we have a game plan and a goal to reach, as a team you then train specifically to create the best, most efficient team to achieve that. This involves playing to each individuals strengths and weaknesses and learning to play together, rather like a small business. Playing rugby has also taught me that if everyone is working toward a common goal the likelihood of succeeding is far greater.
Communication and trust within a sports team is essential, I think most businesses need the same, I'd like to think rugby has helped with my communication skills.

Q. What would you say to parents who worry about rugby injuries?

A. I take much better care of myself, physically and mentally, whilst training and playing, that takes care of my parent's worry.
I've had my fair share of injuries and sported many blackened eyes, I know this worries my parents at times, however, when they see my achievements and the health and fitness that comes from playing sport I think they realise that I'm much better off playing sport than not!

Q. What has been your proudest rugby moment?

A. Playing against South Africa in Cape Town with Nomads earlier this year. The whole experience was amazing!


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