Raw food feeding arrives at Hyde Park Vets!

After so much talk over the years about feeding raw food diets for cats and dogs, we have finally taken the plunge and now stock the Natural Instinct Range of pet diets in the new shop at 61 Connaught Street (next door to the new clinic entrance at 63).

Raw chicken, raw turkey, raw lamb all ready-mixed with apples, carrots, butternut squash, spinach, scottish salmon oil and kelp, available frozen in convenient sized packs for puppies, adult dogs, seniors dogs and cats.

It's easy - all you have to do is defrost it overnight and you can feed it straight from the container

It's healthy - it's a complete diet balanced with meat, bone and vegetables: the best way to feed your pets.

You can call us now on 020 7723 0453 to order your supplies or to find out which diet would be most suitable for your pet

Natural Instinct

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61-63 Connaught Street, London W2 2AE
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