Hyde Park Vet Website Upgrade

Welcome to the new Hyde Park Veterinary Centre website.

It has been a long time coming, but it's finally here. Over time we hope to get your most frequently asked questions answered, a gallery for you to peruse, links to other helpful people and organisations, information sheets and an up-to-date schedule of the news and events happening in and around the Hyde Park Veterinary Centre.

There have been many changes around 61-63 Connaught Street over the past few months, one of these is the clinic website.

Hopefully you will find it much more manageable and informative than our last attempt. If not, feel free to send us any suggestions you may have on the kinds of information, or stories, you would like to find on here.

You will notice we use Twitter and Facebook to broaden our scope on our pet caring community, why not join us. Follow the icons at the bottom of each page to 'like' us or follow the practice Tweets.

A massive thank you to all of our clients and their furry family members for patiently posing for the images you see throughout the site.

Don't panic if your loved one didn't make it onto the site, there will be plenty of other photo opportunities.

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0207 723 0453 | info@hydeparkvet.co.uk

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